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Bleu Edmondson lyrics

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Bleu Edmondson Lyrics

Bleu Edmondson Chords

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Album Lyrics: The Future Ain't What It Used To Be [2010]

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Edmondson Bleu
"The Future Ain't What It Used To Be" [2010]

  1. Blood Red Lincoln
  2. No Room For Mercy
  3. Riot Night
  4. Believe In Me
  5. Life On The Outside
  6. Black And White
  7. The Future Ain't What It Used To Be
  8. I'm Still Here
  9. Not Afraid To Be Alone
  10. I've Got My Yesterdays

Album Lyrics: Bleu Edmonson: Lost Boy [2007]

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Edmondson Bleu
"Bleu Edmonson: Lost Boy" [2007]

  1. American Saint
  2. Last Call
  3. Resurrection
  4. The Echo / Maybe Tonight
  5. Jesus is Cryin'
  6. Back To You
  7. Finger on the Trigger
  8. You Call It Trouble
  9. Last Last Time
  10. Another Morning After / The Night Before
  11. Don't Fade Away

Album Lyrics: Bleu Edmondson - Other Songs []

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Edmondson Bleu
"Bleu Edmondson - Other Songs" []

  1. It's About You
  2. Travelin' Man
  3. What I Left Behind

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