August Lyrics - Mark Erelli

Mark Erelli Chords

Katydid fiddling on a summer's eve
Brown bats circle 'round the old house eaves
I can taste the ocean on a cool salt breeze
Blowing through a torn screen door

Can't believe I let the summer slip away again
Like watermelon juice dripping down my chin
There might be light enough for one last swim
If we hurry on down to the shore
A fool would ask for more

Bullfrog thrumming like a banjo string
Thought I heard a whippoorwill starting to sing
As the moon spilled silver over everything
But ain't that what the moon is for

Back porch drunk on a jug a red wine
Picking on a tune with some friends of mine
The music floating up into the bottlebrush pines
Ain't nobody keeping score

A fool would ask for more

I ain't restless tonight
I got you and the moon so bright
Hey, I'm alright
I'm alright

The laughter's still lingering in the evening air
We'll clean the bottles up tomorrow they'll still be there
Turn off the lights, let's go upstairs
Careful of the creaking floor

Such a beautiful boy, he's a picture of peace
Let's stand here a minute just watching him sleep
God bless this little vigil we keep

A fool would ask for more