Columbus Ohio Lyrics - Mark Erelli

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Stranded on the outskirts
Of Columbus Ohio
Some motel next to a strip mall church
With the neon burning cold

It's raining soft and steady
Like it always does in movies
Now I'm good and drunk and ready
So let the credits roll
When I was a young man
I never dreamed it wouldn't last
All I wanted was tomorrow
Now I'm haunted by the past
Don't know where I'm going
All I know is I ain't coming back
I've had enough
Of Columbus Ohio

If I'd a ticket I would gladly
Take the bus up to Eau Claire
I'd hitch south to Cincinnati
If I knew a soul down there

There's no currency in Kerouac
At least not since the sixties
Lord, take pity on a vagabond
Whose sails have all gone slack