Everything In Ruin Lyrics - Mark Erelli

Mark Erelli Chords

There's a junked out truck stuck in the mud
Down in the valley where the low fields flood
Every spring when the river jumps its banks

A few stubborn leaves clinging to the bough
By the wing or wheel the whole deal's gone south
Only ones left got no place else to go

Everything in ruin now
Ruin now, ruin now
Everything in ruin now
Soon to be renewed

All is still in the chilly night
Save one lone cricket fiddling for his life
Sawing off a shivery waltz before the frost

It's all gone to seed, brown and spent
And I'm a-wonderin' where all of the innocence went
Will it come back like a redwing blackbird's song


Frost on windows filigreed
And I could use a little wildcard up my sleeve
Just in case Old Man Winter calls my bluff

It smells like snow, the sky's hearse black
Full moon cloudy as a cataract
But all I got to do is make it through these next few months