Five Beer Moon Lyrics - Mark Erelli

Mark Erelli Chords

Thank god it's quitting time
Can't take no more of this weekday grind
But I ain't ready to head back home and watch TV
Guess I'll drive down to the pier
Let the sun go down on a six pack of beer
Stare out through my windshield at the sea

In this gritty seacoast town
Where the water pounds the sand
Don't know why I'm so surprised
Things didn't work out like I planned

If I was a wave out on the ocean
If I was a wave out on the sea
Free to go whichever way the wind was blowing
Maybe wash up on some farther shore
Where these blues can't follow me

Got a small apartment on Munjoy Hill
Didn't want too much space to fill
It's just a bed, a pull out couch and a kitchenette
Weekends my kid ain't sleeping over
There's just no point in trying to stay sober
'Cause there ain't no good example I need set

In this gritty seacoast town
Where the winter never ends
Twice a day the tide goes out
Heaven knows why it ever rolls back in


Maybe it's destiny
Or just my mind playing tricks on me
Keeps me wanting something that's always out of reach
Maybe there's somebody somewhere else
Who's somehow managed to convince himself
He'd be happier if he washed up on this beach

In this gritty seacoast town
Five beer moon shining down on me
I'll save the last one 'til I get back home
God, I hope there ain't no re-runs on TV