Man of the Family Lyrics - Mark Erelli

Mark Erelli Chords

Children are laughing
In the schoolyard next door
You can hear 'em through the stone walls
And the stained glass as they play
Seems like yesterday

Your mother she's shaking
Like a baby bird
Perched in the front pew of the church
Where they said their vows
And you're the man of the family now

You're the man of the family now
No you can't let 'em see you break down
When you don't know what to do
You're gonna have to muddle through somehow
You're the man of the family now

Your mother seems older
Now her hair's gone gray
She's passing out roses from the casket bouquet
You give one to your wife
But you don't know what to say

'Cause you just had a baby
Bought your first house
It's all you can do to tread water
Without feeling like you're gonna drown
Every day brings another doubt


And there's a little voice inside you
Saying you ain't paid your dues
You ain't big enough to fill the old man's shoes
But there's a picture on the mantle
Where he's reaching out to you
So you'll follow his example
What else can you do

You're going bald just like he did
But that ain't no shock
So you take his old toolbox
Make a few small repairs around the house
That should hold for now