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Passing Through lyrics - Mark Erelli

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We are passing this world on to our kids
From the moment that they climb out of their cribs
We try to teach them well
And show them they are loved
But in the end all we can do
Is hope our best is good enough
For they'll witness how this life
Can be so beautiful and cruel
We can't shelter them forever
But if we show them all the tools
They might leave this place in
A little better shape than me and you
We are only passing through

Passing through
Passing through
We are only passing through
Passing through
Passing through
We are only passing through

We've been watching this world from our living rooms
It's been near 40 years since we walked on the moon
And this big blue ball keeps shrinking
And I don't know if that's good
But for better or for worse now
This whole world's our neighborhood
There's no place left to run to
Where you can stay above the fray
We all learn to need to get along
And not just get our way
Not only for each other but
For our children's children too
We are only passing through


I wonder sometimes what I will pass on
And how much can one voice do with just a song
Sometimes injustice and indifference
Are the only things I see
But I refuse to let my hope
Become the latest casualty
So I'll sing of love and truth
And try to practice all I preach
And if I can't change the world
I'll change the world within my reach
And what better place to start
Than here and now with me and you
We are only passing through

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