Pauline Lyrics - Mark Erelli

Mark Erelli Chords

Found me a river
So I followed it down
Til I felt the spray on my face
Where the waves kneel down
Like pilgrims lost in prayers of devotion
Came the vast and roiling green

Built me a campfire
On the high desert plain
Fed manzanita and juniper
To a hungry flame
And the smoke of supplication
Rose to meet the constellations so pristine

In a world so scientific
You are a mystery no man can ever learn
There are frontiers within your heart
Still uncharted
Northwest Passages
Points of no return

Climbed me a mountain
Through the deep and drifting snows
I was an avalanche
And babe you were my angle of repose
Now that I've stopped tumbling
I've stopped wondering if this is but a dream