Same For Someone Lyrics - Mark Erelli

Mark Erelli Chords

How can I look you in the eye
Tell you everything will be alright
When I know everything could change tomorrow
How can I promise you right now
That I'm never gonna let you down
I know you won't remain a stranger to sorrow

Oh it's a hard world
My child
Oh, it's such a hard world
My child
So I'll let go and let you run
And love who you become
Someday you'll learn to do the same for someone

Hearts will break, one will be yours
Don't bother keeping score
Learn instead how to forgive and be forgiven
Lift up your voice while you still can
For the measure of a man
Is how he sings when he thinks no one is listening


Some will claim to know the truth
But none can give you proof
It's up to you to decide who to confide in
And though it may not seem enough
All you'll ever need is love
Anyone who tells you differently is lying