Shadowland Lyrics - Mark Erelli

Mark Erelli Chords

In the darkness
I look in their eyes and I do my best
I'm a long, long way from the Midwest
At this checkpoint post tonight
So it's lock and load
When a bomb goes off by the side of the road
And a buddy of mine with a new wife at home
Disappears in a flash of light

And we're off to save the day
Now there'll be hell to pay

In Shadowland
There is no evidence of any plan
Just a boy with a rifle in his hand
Who volunteered to pay the cost
For everything we've lost
Here in Shadowland

In a cold, tile room 'neath a bare lightbulb
There's nothing that you won't divulge
Yes I've seen it in your kind
'Cause you're the enemy
Our God is stronger than your's you see
Did you pull the trigger on that IED
Or were you just in the wrong place at the wrong time

I've orders to obey
So there'll be hell to pay

In Shadowland
The slippery slope where we've made our stand
Where the blame flows down the chain of command
And when that line is crossed
They rewrite all the laws
Here in Shadowland

When you're dancing with a devil of your own design
You sink down to his level every time

When the Judgement comes
God will sort the chosen ones
By the dark of dawn and the midnight sun
Will pierce the fog of war
So they dodge the blame
The low men in the temple claim
That they do all this in Jesus' name
To make us safer and more secure

So don't get in our way
Or there'll be hell to pay

In Shadowland
There is no evidence of God's hand
In the darkness on the desert sand
The high ground has been lost
At far too high a cost
Here in Shadowland