Troubles (Those Lonesome Kind) Lyrics - Mark Erelli

Mark Erelli Chords

Well you think you got troubles
Man listen to me
I'll tell you a story as it happened you see

I got four little kids a-waiting at home
My wife done packed her bags and gone
She done moved on across the tracks
And I know that girl ain't a-coming back

I got troubles
Troubles on my mind
Well I got troubles, hey those lonesome kind

Every morning about 8 o'clock
The kids start crying and they holler Pop,
Where's my mama? Where's she gone?
And when's my mama gonna come back home??


My little girl is only three
I picked her up and set her on my knee
Try to soothe her crying but she cries too hard
And the crying, oh daddy, well, oh Lord


I know my baby's too young to talk
I sit and watch her try to walk
She's turning around, watching the door
And a big teardrop done hit the floor


Well I told you a story as it happened to me
Just the way that it happened you see
You got a good gal don't you do her no wrong
She'll pack her trunk and then be gone

Then you'll have troubles
Troubles on your mind
Yeah, you'll have troubles, hey those lonesome kind