Why Shoudl I Cry Lyrics - Mark Erelli

Mark Erelli Chords

You taught me everything I know 'bout being lonesome

And I learned my lesson oh so faithfully

What was I thinking of
When I gave you my love
For I knew you would go eventually

I can't say you never gave me nothing
After all you left me with the blues
It ain't much but at least it's something
I don't believe I will ever lose


Why should I cry over you sweet darlin'
Why should I cry over you
Give me one good reason I should be blue
Why should I cry over you

I'm all through feeling blue for you my darlin'
'Cause I know you would do the same for me
I'm gonna walk right out the door
Try to even up the score
Two can play your game so easily

I don't expect you'll ever come a callin'
But should we chance to meet out on the avenue
Don't be surprised if you don't see teardrops falling
Darlin' why should I cry over you