Catfish Nuggets

Hey there fellers, this is your brother Jervel again, just wanna call on you, kinda need a little bit of help down here, we gonna have a, fundraising this Saturday down at the fellowship hall for Cole Buchanan, and wanted to see if you could set a couple bottles of the old camp, you know I don't know if y'all heard, but Cole was down there at the catfish junction like he always is, you know, fryin' up some of his famous catfish nuggets, and he put in a little wet batch and uh, and, you know the - what it was was the, you know, the grease began to splatter, and it caught him in his left eye, and he's gon', he's gon' end up losin' it then, so we wanna help him out and see if we can't get him a false eye in there, just one of them ones that they, kinda like a marble eye what they gon' put in there, but they gon' need a little bit of funds you know, so, if y'all could, just help out, send us a couple bottles down and we'll see what we can get for him, you know and just - don't worry about your P.R.'s, we'll keep it hush-hush. Anyway, talk on y'all later