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Tell Me How You Like It lyrics - Florida Georgia Line

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Do you like it when the meter's jumpin'?
You like the sound of them horses runnin'?
Do you like it when the tweeter's tweetin'?
Do you like it when the back seat's bumpin'?

Do you like a little kick in your coke
Do you like it goin' up in smoke
Do you like it on a gravel road
We can keep it on the down low

Tell me how you like it (tell me how you like it)
You know I wanna try it (know I wanna try it)
Baby if you don't mind it (if you don't mind it)
We can kick it down in four and you can drive
Pretty girl you can ride it
We can all night it (we can all night it)
You don't have to hide it (you don't have to hide it)
Just tell me how
Tell me how you like it

Do you like it on a riverbank
Do you like it when the sun done sank
Do you like it when the full moon's high
And it's shinin' down into your drink

Do you like it when the tailgate's down
Do you like it when we take it to the ground
Tell me baby, how does that sound
Either way, you know it's goin' down


Baby why you gotta look so pretty
With your hair so soft and long
You're damn sure turnin' me on
Tonight, we gettin' out of the city
Leave it all behind, get a little lost
Baby you make the call


Do you like it in the shotgun seat
With the highway flyin' right under your feet (tell me)
Do you like it with the radio on (just tell me how)
Tell me how you like it
Do you like it by the bonfire heat
If it gets too hot we can take it to the creek (I need to know)
Let's make it last all night long (just tell me how)
Tell me how you like it

[Thanks to Ricky, Jamie S for lyrics]

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