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Jeffrey Foucault lyrics

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Jeffrey Foucault Lyrics

Jeffrey Foucault Chords

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Album Lyrics: Cavalcade [2013]

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Foucault Jeffrey
"Cavalcade" [2013]

  1. Elegy (In a Distant Room)
  2. Necessary Monsters
  3. Cavalcade
  4. Careless Flame
  5. Sleepers Wake
  6. Pearlescent
  7. Bomblet
  8. Silver Whips
  9. Glass Hands
  10. Elsewhere
  11. Tangled Lullaby
  12. Every Boy, Every Blood

Album Lyrics: Horse Latitudes [2011]

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Foucault Jeffrey
"Horse Latitudes" [2011]

  1. Horse Latitudes
  2. Pretty Girl In A Small Town
  3. Starlight And Static
  4. Heart To The Husk
  5. Last Night I Dreamed Of Television
  6. Goners Most
  7. Everybody's Famous
  8. Idaho
  9. Passerines
  10. Tea And Tobacco

Album Lyrics: Cold Satellite [2010]

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Foucault Jeffrey
"Cold Satellite" [2010]

  1. Deserter's Information Center
  2. Cold Satellite
  3. Northing I Wouldn't Do (Except Stay)
  4. Voices Talking
  5. Geese Fly By
  6. Twice I Left Her
  7. Standing Ovation
  8. Call Off the Dogs
  9. Late Season (Reprise)
  10. There I Go
  11. Late Season
  12. In Our Own Country

Album Lyrics: Shoot the Moon Right Between the Eyes [2009]

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Foucault Jeffrey
"Shoot the Moon Right Between the Eyes" [2009]

  1. The Late John Garfield Blues
  2. Billy The Bum
  3. He Was in Heaven Before He Died
  4. Unwed Fathers
  5. Hello in There
  6. One Red Rose
  7. Speed of the Sound of Loneliness
  8. Far from Me
  9. Daddy's Little Pumpkin
  10. Mexican Home
  11. Storm Windows
  12. That's the Way That the World Goes 'Roun
  13. Clocks and Spoons

Album Lyrics: Ghost Repeater [2006]

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Foucault Jeffrey
"Ghost Repeater" [2006]

  1. Ghost Repeater
  2. Americans In Corduroys
  3. I Dream An Old Lover
  4. One For Sorrow
  5. Train To Jackson
  6. One Part Love
  7. Wild Waste And Welter
  8. City Flower
  9. Tall Grass In Old Virginny
  10. Mesa, Arizona
  11. Appeline

Album Lyrics: Stripping Cane [2004]

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Foucault Jeffrey
"Stripping Cane" [2004]

  1. Cross of Flowers
  2. Mayfly
  3. Doubletree
  4. Stripping Cane
  5. The Bluest Blade
  6. Pearl Handled Pistol
  7. Northbound 35
  8. Four and Twenty Blues
  9. Don't Look For Me
  10. Tropic of Cancer
  11. Lodi
  12. Every New Leaf Over

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