Beer Money - Kevin Fowler Lyrics

Kevin Fowler CHORDS

Beer Money

There's one thing this man can't live without
Something I can wrap my heart and hands around
First thing I want to hold when I get home
Been savin' up for it all week long

Times are lean and money's tight
A man's got to prioritize
I've learned how to sacrifice


I'm gonna drive a little less, walk a little more,
Save a little bread at the grocery store,
Turn down the heat till I can see my breath,
Throw another blanket on that old brass bed,
Sell my golf clubs half my clothes,
Sign in the yard says everything goes
And no more roses for my honey, but ain't givin’ up my beer money!

When I'm a six pack shy of next month’s rent,
I just pop a top and wonder where it went
Down to four strings on my guitar
Sellin' off my truck part by part
Stretch a dollar, squeeze a dime
Pinchin' pennies, hell that’s fine,
Ain't nothing cuttin' into my beer time


Well there's coupons in the paper,
Enough cans at the end of the month to buy me another case
You know a man can't have too much


Not my beer money!
My beer money!
Not my beer money!
My beer money!

[Thanks to Stella for lyrics]