Daddies And Daughters - Kevin Fowler Lyrics

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Daddies And Daughters

From the moment that a baby girl is born
Into this world
A man starts to change, do crazy things
Like paintin the bedroom pink
To hold something so small and freil
Absolutely scares the hell
Out of any guy
No matter how brave he thinks he might be
When she looks up at him like he's superman
She's got him in the palm of her hand

Daddies and daughters
Have something no one else does
You need a special kind of love
It's hard to explain how
Man tough as leather
Can turn to velvet when she smiles
Wove apart as they may seem
Is nothing like the Love between...
Daddies and Daughters

Before she even gets to second grade
He's already startin to think about all the boys
What's on there mind
Cause he was once one to
She's 16 and heading to the dance
He says, "You ain't going dressed like that."
She slams her door, starts to cry
Thinks he ain't got a clue
She'll finally understand it one day
She'll live on to the love of his mistakes


No one she ever meets will ever be
Good enough for her...for him.

Daddies and Daughters
Have something no one else does
Wove apart as they may seem
There's nothing like the Love between
Daddies and Daughters

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