Hell Yeah I Like Beer - Kevin Fowler Lyrics

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Hell Yeah I Like Beer

She was alone at a table for two
I said now its time to make my move
So I got me a beer and I bought her a sex on the beach
She saw that umbrella stuck in the glass
That chunk of pineapple made her laugh
She took the beer from my had and said thank you man
I didnt take her for the long neck kind
She said boy have you lost your mind

Hell yeah I like beer
It gets me grinning from ear to ear
Not just every now and then
But I'm talking 365 days a year
I can do it around the clock
I don't like it just a little who
I like it alot
Even Hot
Hell yeah I like beer (oh I love it)

Yeah its good for your heart its good for your mind
Its good for getting though a lonely all night
Everyone knows you shouldn't drink too much
so why does it always seem like there's never enough

Repeat Chorus 2x
Hell yeah
Hell yeah
I like beer
Yes I do
Hell Yeah
Hell Yeah
I like beer

[Thanks to Steven for lyrics]