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Hellbent for a Heartache lyrics - Kevin Fowler

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Kevin Fowler - Hellbent For A Heartache

Well if you looked up "fool" in Webster's Dic book
You'd find a picture of me
You'd say now this ole boy
Ain't too smart wearing his heart on his sleeve
I'm a sucker for love, oh I'm a true romantic
I've been the fool before
But girl that's ever known me, has gone and left me lonely
And I kept comin' back for more

Cuz I'm hellbent for a heartache
I keep fallin' over and over again
It's a lesson in love I can't get the hang of
It's the game of chance I ain't ever gonna win
I'm hellbent for a heartache
I keep fallin' over and over again
Well my heart's at stake
But that's the chance I'll take
Cuz I'm hellbent for a heartache

Now all my life I've been mistreated
A little good lovin' is all I ever needed
To keep me alive, keep me hangin' on
Oh for once it'd sure feel nice
Not to be singing these blues
I never learn, I just keep on believing
Til one day these people come true

(Chorus 2x)

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Fowler Kevin Chords
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