I Lost My Heart In Oklahoma - Kevin Fowler Lyrics

Kevin Fowler CHORDS

I Lost My Heart In Oklahoma

Picked up the paper just the other day
When I was over 'round Chickasha
Flipped over to the classified ads
To see what I could find
Somewhere in the lost and found
Between a diamond ring and an old black hound
There was a letter from a man down in Texas
Who left something across the state line

It said I lost my heart in Oklahoma
If anybody finds it please send it back
Reward offered by the owner
No questions asked

It said he met her over Tulsa way
When he was just a kid
Still remembers to this very day
All those crazy things she did
I've got a lot in common with that man
Yeah, I've been in his shoes
You'd better watch out or you might get taken
A heart's not hard to lose


What he said wasn't all in vain,
Don't think I'll ever find it now
The past is one thing I can't change
The hands of time keep spinnin' 'round
I've been searching high and low
But now I know it's my one last chance to bring it home

(Chorus) X 2

Yea, I lost my heart in Oklahoma

[Thanks to Noah for lyrics]