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I'll Try Anything Twice lyrics - Kevin Fowler

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Way back when I was in High School,
I had a girl her name was emmy sue.
One friday at the ball game,
She said I had it I'm breakin' up with you
Come along bout a monday morning.
She said she'd changed her mine.
I'm still that same old school boy,
Take her back each time..... oh..

Cuz I'll try anything twice, ain't no needin' bein nice.
Treat me like dog hell thats alright, go ahead and walk on me tonight.
If you want me back agian, I'll come running like the wind.
My ol' heart my pay the price, 'cause I'll try anything twice.... yes I will.

Way back when I was a young man,
Had a boss who treated me like a dog.
One friday at the days'end,
He said you fired don't come around here no more.
Come along bout a monday morning,
He said boy are you comein' in.
Now it's twenty years later,
And I'm still workin' for that man...... oh....


Some fools they never seem to learn, they keep on comin' back.
Some folks they never seem to see the lines.
One day I'll show the whole world the man I am inside..till then I'll be the fool who never flys


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