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Knocked Up lyrics - Kevin Fowler

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No I did not go to church last Sunday
FOr my sins I need not confess
With your dadddy standing at the pulpit
Oh, I just figured stayin' home was best

Oh your physique is swellin' and your waist line's tellin'
Everybody knows that it's mine
I guess the word's got around this old one story town
And your preacher daddy, he ain't blind

You got knocked up, and I got locked up
I guess you'd say that we both got screwed
You got locked out, and I got knocked out
I guess you're gonna miss a lot of school

Yeah, you look (?)
That night night up on the hill
If I'd know what I'd know girl, I wouldn't have let you go
But you said that you were on the pill

Yeah, your uncle, he's the town sheriff
Your granddaddy he's the county judge
No I don't see a way but I'll see the light of day
With your whole family holding a grudge


Oh, girl you ain't gonna graduate this year I don't think so

Yeah your family's got the shotgun ready
I can hear those church bells chime
Though I may not be ready for a wedding
But I know I ain't ready to die


Yeah you're gonna miss a lot of school
I think you're gonna miss a lot of school
No girl, you ain't gonna make it to the prom this year!

[Thanks to Stella for lyrics]

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Fowler Kevin Chords
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