Let's Start Living - Kevin Fowler Lyrics

Kevin Fowler CHORDS

Let's Start Living

Give me a small town girl, a guitar band.
Willie on the radio, some cash in my hand.
Sit me down in any water hole that you can,
on Friday after quitin time.

Oh yeah now that's a strong start to a weekend.
a real nice place to begin.
From here to Monday morning there ain't no end in sight.
OH Yeah now lets jump off in the deep end get everything out of the weekend.
If we don't find some trouble there's somethin' we aint doin right.
Lets start livin, lets start livin, tonight!

I like my whiskey old, my women young, my beer ice cold when the works all done.
Dancin' with the mornin til the mornin sun.
Yeah brother I'm a feelin fine.

Repeat Chorus:

I got a half tank of gas yea no where to go. Two days to get there lets take it slow
where we're gonna end up no one knows this time.

Repeat Chorus:

Oh lets start living lets start living tonight!

[Thanks to Jonna from TX for lyrics]