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I'd Rather Not lyrics - Goodnight, Texas

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I saw my father last night
Walking toward a dim light
I called for him to turn around but he kept walking

The clouds they listened in grey
To every word I would say
But somehow nothing ever comes of all the talking

I awaken grinding teeth down
'Til they rot
I could try to deal with all the pain now
But I'd rather not

I wander lonesome sometimes
And sift the dirt for some dimes
And try to save enough to make it through the winter

But the windows they break
Can't keep from shiv'ring awake
The crooked walls around the house, they start to splinter

Sometimes I feel like I've been cut
And it won't clot
I could try to deal with all the pain
But I'd rather not
Some years they fly to the next
Some inch along with the text
But downs and ups are all familiar after so long

I've worked on beating them down
And hiding in a new town
It's all easier than admitting I've been wrong

I've been dealt a hand that's missing cards
But it's what I've got
I could try to deal with all the pain
But I'd rather not
I'd rather not
I'd rather not

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