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All the Time in Airports lyrics - Handsome Family

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I see you all the time in airports
in the windows of the shuttle trains
flashing past between the terminals
below the rising planes

and as I pull my shoes off
put my coins in the plastic tray
I see you past the X ray machine
just a hundred feet away

in the lines of people waiting
at the frozen yogurt stand
or running down the moving walkway
dragging a rolling bag

I see you all the time in airports
just a hundred feet away

I see you flipping through the pages
of books by millionaires
who found that Jesus Christ could guide them
into tripling their sales

late at night in airports
the cages pulled across the stores
and early in the morning
when they drive the waxer across the floor

I see you sitting on your suitcase
I see you sleeping in a chair
but each time I get too close
you always disappear

I see you all the time in airports
just A hundred feet away

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