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Caterpillars lyrics - Handsome Family

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Silvia was struck by lightning
While reading in bed one night
She left the windows open
And the storm caught her by surprise

For a day she laid here still as a stone
Clipped to pumps and tubes
Then out her window the street lights flashed
And at last, her fingers moved

She awoke to a cacophony
Of electric radio waves
Pulsing rays of energy
Falling from outer space

High and swaying towers
Down in basements full of dust
She could not escape the sterling
Or the 60 cycle arm

She moved on, tempted spectacles
Several fur lion capes
3 pairs of velvet gloves
A vain of dotted Swiss

But all the earth’s vibrations
Still pounded through her ears
So she packed a steamer trunk
And flew a prop plane to Belize

From there a log raft took her
Over raging waterfalls
Deep within uncharted jungle
Where giant caterpillars crawl

The spun their silk around her
A cocoon between the trees
And still she hangs there swinging
Deep within the dripping leafs

Keepin time with every rumble
Every quiver of the earth
And she slowly changes shape
With the turning of the world

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