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Call Me Gone lyrics - New Hinsons

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Call me a dreamer
Call I call it mine
Heaven, but I don't care
And call me crazy
Cause I'm homesick for it
Yet I have never been there
Call me a stranger
Cause that's all I am, I know I don't belong
Call me anything but when He calls me
Call me gone

Call me gone, I'll be leavin
Call me gone, you'll be greavin
If you're left here without Jesus to call on
Call me gone, no more heartache
Call me gone, and all that it takes
As for me to hear Him call me then call me gone

(This verse is to be spoken)
You know I've been called an awful lot of things in my lifetime
And to be honest smart wasn't always one of them
But thank God I was smart enough one day to call Jesus Christ the Lord of my life
And it was then I called it quits to a whole lot of sinnin
But it's because of that commitment that a lot of people laugh at me and call me foolish
Aw.. but let em go ahead and laugh...
That don't bother me at all, cause any fool can see,
but the shape she's in that this ole worlds gonna fall,
But just as long as I know Jesus, I've got nothing to fear
And when the role is called up yonder,
Don't you call on me cause I ain't gonna be here!

(repeat chorus)

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