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Turn It Up lyrics - Hootie and The Blowfish

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Once there was a thankless leader blinded by a golden ring
Now there's no more peaceful gatherings
Take me 'cross the aisle now baby, let me see how y'all get down
Take a hopeful sound and make it loud

I said, turn it up
When I've had enough
I wanna feel the love
Turn it up (turn it up, oh)

Once there was a paradise where a boy saw suffering
He raised his voice up loud and began to sing
Oh, all the people gathered 'round him, he cried out a freedom song
Everyone began to sing along

Oh, he said, turn it up
'Cause I've had enough
I wanna feel the love
Yeah, oh turn it up (turn it up, oh)

They said, be quiet little girl but you amplified the sound
Of a million broken hearts from all around

You can hear the children crying
It's not safe to go outside
We're free but we gotta keep our kids alive
Oh y'all, we can't let 'em down

Turn it up
'Cause I've had enough (oh, yeah)
I wanna feel the love
Ah c'mon, turn it up
Turn it up, oh
'Cause I've had enough (turn it up, oh)
I wanna feel the love
Oh, yeah, turn it up
Ah, turn it up, turn it up

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