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Hide Your Matches lyrics - Julianne Hough

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I could catch just like a candle, melt myself down to an end
And have no way of ever coming back 'round here again
Or I could glow just like an ember rising out of an autumn fire
Drifting toward the heavens floating higher and higher
You better hide your matches boy

'Cause I could spark like thin white paper wrapped tight 'round some cigarette
And leave nothing but the smell of smoke and the bitter taste of regret
Or I could get hot like them coals that turn the water into steam
And fall down around you like some misty morning
You better hide your matches boy
You better hide your matches boy

Oh, 'cause I'm bound to lose all I am
Right here in your arms
And it ain't gonna take much and it ain't gonna take long
So you best turn your eyes if you're not ready tonight
To watch me burn like this
You better hide your matches

'Cause I can't afford to let you go
I'm afraid to draw you near
'Cause I could get so lost in you that I might disappear
And the words are on the tip of my tongue but you won't hear a sound
'Cause once that fire gets going there's no way to slow it down
You better hide your matches boy
You better hide your matches boy


You better hide your matches boy
Oh, yeah
You better hide your matches boy

[Thanks to Jessica for lyrics]

[Thanks to Mandy for corrections]

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