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Beginner's Luck Lyrics by Jealous of the Birds

Jealous of the Birds Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Painter in your linen shirt, come teach me how to see
Perfumed with fresh turpentine, imported oolong tea
Swirl me up in yellow ochres, pigments ruddy rose
You see what you look for and you go where no one goes
Sailor in your schooner, come teach me how to sail
The sky is full of ribbons and the water's milky pale
I've never seen an albatross or felt the tempest's tongue
Sail until the sailboat splinters, sail it while you're young

I'm never done
I'm never done

[Verse 2]
Gardener, come walk with me and teach me how to grow
Fragrant herbs, peonies and poppies all aglow
Honour true persistence, the sheer will to survive
Every bud and blossom, seed and sapling demands life

I'm never done
I'm never done

[Verse 3]
Judge, meet me in the courtroom and teach me to decide
The honest course of action with prejudice aside
Cloud and feather, salt and sugar, lion's tooth and nail
Weigh heavy down on either side of your golden scales

I'm never done
I'm never done
I'm never done
I'm never done

[Instrumental Outro]

Jealous of the Birds Sheet music

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