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Smart Blonde lyrics - Jennings & Keller

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I graduated MIT first in my class
I’m friends with Stephen Hawking, he’s really a blast
We’re talking Quantum Physics, String Theory too
You know I get to do this ‘cause I’m smarter than you
Lots of people think that the color of my hair
Means I ain’t got no brains in there

But I’m a smart blonde, my IQ’s real high
Yes, I’m a smart blonde, I know the whole sequence of PI
The time-space continuum is easy to grasp
When you’re a smart blonde, you pick things up fast

I played Mozart and Bach by the age of 3
We’re working on duets, Yo Yo Ma and me
I won the Pulitzer for my last Broadway play
And my Tony nomination got announced today
Artistic aspirations are not impaired
Simply because of the color of my hair

‘Cause I’m a smart blonde, I write movie scripts
Yea, I’m a smart blonde, I’m giving Spielburg some tips
My exhibit at the Guggenheim starts next week
When you’re a smart blonde, you can create in your sleep

I change my own oil and I fix my flats
I know every major leaguer and all their stats
My last four homes were designed by me
Because I’ve got an architectural degree
Just because the shade of my hair is fair
Don’t mean there ain’t brains in there

‘Cause I’m a smart blonde, I’ll make a web site for you
Yes, I’m a smart blonde, I’ll fix your transmission too
My tax returns are easy, I’m never in the red
When you’re a smart blonde, you just use your head
You just use your head, you just use your head

[Thanks to Laurie Jennings Oudin for lyrics]

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