Lola Lyrics - Albino Jeremie

Albino Jeremie Chords

I went up to see you
You were all alone
You didn’t recognize me Said you want to go home

I gave you a smile
That you recognize
You ask me how I’m doing
Said I’m doing just fine

Said keep working for your father
And be good to your mother
And know that I love you
I won't be here for long
I won't be here for long

Keep telling us your story
We won’t leave you behind
You were sitting there
Pictures by your side

You’ll always be a present
We’ll have you on our mind
Just know that we love you
You won’t bе alone
You won’t be alone

I wokе up one morning
I heard crying at my door
I knew that you had left us
You’re not here anymore

You got us all standing here
We love you since we were born
And know that I love you
And you’re not alone
And you’re not alone