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Just Like Penguins Do lyrics - Jewel

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Imagine now if you will
A ship in sail to the arctic seas
Dawn is rising the breeze is still
The ocean frozen underneath

Icebergs like diamonds floating by
Reflecting like gem stones in your eyes

We're in the land of the midnight sun
Explorers you and I

So take my hand
Turn your head to the sky
Northern lights shine on what's true
That you will always love me
And I, you
Just like penguins do

How strangely silent is the North
A blanket of snow quiets everything
There's no scent upon the wind
As ice encases even dreams

But if you still your heart beat
You'll hear ptarmagin and polar bear sing

Travelers here in The last frontier
Seeing what few have seen

Back upon our boat so gently rocking
Like a cloak, darkness slowly falling
The sky lets out a sigh
As stars go floating by

[Chorus x2]
That you will always love me
And I, you
Just like penguins do

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