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Sara Swan Sleepy Head lyrics - Jewel

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Sara the swan let out a big yawn
And headed to the bathroom sink
In the mirror she stared
For a while there
It seemed like a good place to think

She had a strange feeling was she dreaming
The light so strangely gleaming

There’s a knock at the door
A funny suit Sammy wore
And on his face an ear to ear grin
He said Sara, dear
I could use your help here
Please wont you let me in

[Chorus 1]
Then her mom said
Get out of bed Sara Swan sleepy head
The day light is burning while the clock hands are turning
But this dreaming Sara said
Is better than what I have
The world when I sleep
Is the one i want to keep
Oh get out of bed
Sara Swan sleepy head

Back in her dream
She went running
To answer the door
Lickity split
And still waiting by
With a patch on his eye
Stood Sammy all of two foot six

Adventure reflected in the pool of his eyes
Sara let out an audible sigh

With the sword in his hand
He gave the command
Before she could count to ten
The pirates were there
With knots and beads in their hair
Like rats they came pouring in

[Repeat Chorus 1]
Back in dream land
Sammy took her hand
And led her to a safe hiding place
But the coast was not clear
And Sara Swan, she could hear
The heavy boot steps of someone giving chase
Her heart was beating fast
She feared it would jump right out of her chest

She was confronted
With a sword that was pointed
It no longer seemed like play
She let out a scream
Said “But this is just a dream”
And that's when she heard the pirate say

[Chorus 2]
You best get out of bed Sara Swan sleepy head
The day light is burning while the clock hands are turning
This time Sara said
“Being awake is best instead
The world when I sleep
Is not the one I want to keep”

That's how Sara Swan
Finally got out of bed
They no longer call her
Sara Swan sleepy head

She got out of bed
Sara the swan
Doesn't lay all day in bed
She gets up instead

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