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Hank Said Goodbye lyrics - John David Velarde

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Verse 1:
Now Hank, He wasn't born in no mansion on the hill.
His pocket had a hole in it that he could never fill.
He learned to sing the lonesome blues
from a guy named "Good-Bye Joe”.
And "Bosephus" taught him to play the guitar
On the banks of the old bayou.

Chorus 1:
So tell me Hank, have you seen a falling star,
Light up a purple sky, as I wonder where you are?
Got the love-sick blues? Are you so lonesome you could die,
As you look down from your mansion in the sky?
We're broke our line and the dog-gone river's run dry.
And I got a feeling that I'm gonna be blue, oh, Lord.
And I don't know what I'm gonna do, oh, Lord.
Because the minute you saw the light, Hank, you said goodbye.

Verse 2:
Now every cheating heart left Hank so lonesome he could die.
And he couldn't help it if he fell in love
when "Hey, Good Looking" caught his eye.
He'd find himself in the dog house every time he went astray.
And every Cold Cold Heart he came across
sent him further down that Lost Highway.
(Chorus 1)

Verse 3:
Now Hank, he found redemption the day he lost his soul,
To his Yvonne, the prettiest one, his me chero meo on the old bayou.
He bought a Hot Rod Ford with a two dollar bill
and he took her over the hill.
Now it's good bye Joe, me gotta go,
Pick up my bucket all full of holes,
Gonna pole my boat down the old bayou,
Catch a mess of catfish for the old creole,
And take'm up to Hank's Mansion on the hill.
(Chorus 2)

Chorus 2:
So tell me Hank, have you got it in the bank?
Are you still true to the love of you know who?
Have you got it straight? Are you gonna make it home by eight?
Now don't be late, cause you know she wouldn't wait.
Just take your time, and mine, it's on your dime.
Cause every time you see the light,
You know you ain't done right,
Cause every time you see the light you say good-bye!

And its hey diddle diddle,
the cat's on the fiddle,
the cow's in the middle,
and the cake’s on the griddle,
Cause the minute Hank saw the light he said good-bye!

[Thanks to John David Velarde for lyrics]

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