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Country Dumb lyrics - Josh T. Pearson

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I come from a long line in history
Each one more tired than the one before
All of us to … to pay attention
Sweet dreamer ...
They say that even in my … over
But not in this old lonely world of mine
So if you’re … ever wonder I’m too good head on
Say your prayer of old for my drifted sweet dream of mine

We are not what you call over …
We are … each and every one
We’re the … will always need of …
Look I don’t play … country dumbs

We’re the kind who never take responsibility
Yeah the only single ever take time you will be my lead
And the only thing ever give to you will be my good grief
I’ve count the cost baby doll I know that jesus saves
Cause nothing in this world is for free
There are reasons I was alone when I met you
Reasons that go back a long long way in time
There are reasons that I am sure … going to leave you
They come from a district …
We’re the kind to start the … and just do nothing
The kinds you have 10 000 would be great ungrateful to run …
We’re the kind stuck in the past but we see well into the future
You see I’ll miss baby doll you ain’t even come
You see I’ll miss baby doll you ain’t even come.

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