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Somewhere Down The Line lyrics - Brent Kirby

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closed all the curtains

put your dishes away

left the door open

but only for today

got your hair done up perfect

got on your favorite blue jeans

took that ring off your finger

just to try and feel clean

once we held a fire so burning bright

it got me through all those lonely days and nights

i can’t read fortunes of everything it could be

maybe somewhere down the line

there’s a place for you and me

you don’t look too much different

your soul still the same

you’re just like i remembered

without all the blame

i’ve been living in chicago

got a view high in the sky

i swear i see you waving

as the el crashes by

found a picture in a page of the time we went to texas

we could have broke a thousand hearts that night

all these doors unopened and we can’t find the key

maybe somewhere down the line

there’s a place for you and me

remember when we walked away

couldn’t find the words to say

i never thought that it would end

this moment’s different this time

it ain’t yours and it ain’t mine we

just can’t pretend, it’ll be the same

we messed this occasion

to bare all our bones

some voice keeps on talking

but it don’t sound like my own

you stay in one place too long and you might just stay forever

timing has it’s own plan anyway

who would have thought we’d be at this well just wishing

maybe somewhere down the line

there’s a place for you and me

[Thanks to anais for lyrics]

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