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4 Wheel Drive lyrics - The Lacs

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I saw Santa in a four-wheel drive
With presents in the back and mud up the side
It must've been a rainy Christmas night
Cause I saw Santa in a jacked up four-wheel drive
A four wheel drive, he's got a four-wheel drive

It was Christmas eve, I had my heater on just creepin around
I saw a buck down my the mud, I rolled my window down
I heard stories, but I thought they was lies
I saw a buck with a red nose shinin like a light
But i, I let it go and just keep creepin along
But I know I keep hearin that jingle bell song
Before too long I had to slam on breaks
I bout t-boned Santa clause's chevrolet

[Chorus 1x]

He had it jacked up to the sky, sleigh bells on the side
Mickey Thompson and 44's, two step runnin boys
Red velvet trimmed the dash
I couldn't believe it when I passed
It wasn't no rain it wasn't no fog
And I didn't have no eggnog
I'm glad I didn't miss this, his front tag said wishlist
Shook my head in disbelief, he smiled and then he winked at me
I never woulda coulda bet that Santa was a redneck
I guess a little was in us all, so have a merry Christmas ya'll

[Chorus 2x]

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