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Sirens lyrics - Stoney Larue

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Walkin' on a fine line, thinkin' you were all mine, wantin' you to make it true.
Middle of a free fall, not so tall, wasn't hard not to think it through.
Echo on the side street, tappin' my feet, walkin' tired and livin' on.
Faith don't walk and faith don't talk, so don't speak until you see the dawn.

Sirens, sirens, ringin' in my mind.
Walkin' through a snake den, just another way to pass the time.
Sirens, sirens, what are they tellin' me?
When're they gonna shake away, when they gonna let me be?

Livin' on the upside, so so high. Must you be so far down to see?
Shovelin' the hot coals, makin' it go. Huff puff one, two, three.
Tell me you were alright, sayin' goodbye. Thank you for your company
I'm fishin' in a dry well. Can't you tell? Tell me what you want from me.


[Thanks to July for lyrics]

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Larue Stoney Chords
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