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I Got It In Tune lyrics - Levi Lowrey

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(wrote by Sammy Ensley)
(Performed by Levi and Sammy)

She said everything he does is magic
And that being so, you know it had to go tragic
Hurry up and shoot her quick
She's just another damn love sick lunatic
And that's all we need
Runnin' around
Ropin' the moon
Pullin' it down
takin' it hard outta bounds
She knows I'll still be around
.......(to beat her down)
You know I'll bring in the clowns
Because I,
I got it in tune
I'm the only Dude that aint feelin' them blues
Because I,
I got it in tune
I'm the only dude that aint feelin' them blues

Everything she does is tragic
She's prob'ly walkin' the line in (blind car traffic)
She never once used the phone
Just to call to tell when she'll be home
Roses are red and all that marvel
You gotta give credit to (......)
If your a poet you know it
If you know it you show it
I want my last words to be
What, What
Loves a many splendid things
But it's what's gonna save us is doin' it free
Havin' it and losin it is what sucks
With my last damn breath I gotta wish ya good luck
Because I
I got it in tune
I think I'm the only Dude that aint feelin' them blues

I've been up and down the hill
I found the thrill, I went thru the motion
I've been starved and I had my fill
I had free will and I had devotion
I met a love and I had my way
I went astray like I had been borrowed
I hit the wall and I had to pay
Now I'll stay away tomorrow
Because I,
I got it in tune

[Thanks to sdonnelly for lyrics]

[Thanks to sdonnelly for corrections]

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