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Indictment No. 1 lyrics - Levi Lowrey

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This is not a call to worship
Yall understand
I don't claim to be a prophet
No I'm just a simple man
But I keep seein' things
That I can't comprehend
Like how a pastor profits
While his flock can't meet their end

And he drives up in a Mercedes ......
In his brand new three piece suit
Wearin' pride just like a trophy
He aint got no time for you
A man who's hungry he can't feed,
he passed along the way
To his empire in the city
Where they congregate to pray

This aint how it's supposed to be
There's a tassle piety

Jesus said to (Capestry) and the (Gov'nors Shiek)
with the peddlers in the temple
all the folks in their (cd's)
they fiegn at the prophets
but the ones from Pharesies
came in from the golden alters
it's okay to be like me
and if anyone remembers that his vioce is feelin' small
he didn't write 'bout gettin' rich
he said sell or give it all
it how you treat the league
it's what you do to me
so enjoy the money while you can
but I aint been deceived

This aint how it's supposed to be
It's a tassle piety

This aint how it's supposed to be
It's a tassle piety
This aint how it's supposed to be
I will not be deceived

[Thanks to sdonnelly for lyrics]

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