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Hang Out Hungover lyrics - Love and Theft

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You got a glass, I got a tab
You’re lookin’ good, I got it bad
Come on girl, tell me what you’re drinkin’
You got a smile, makin’ me wonder
If I take a chance, how ‘bout another
One of them winks to tell me what you’re thinkin’

Cause we got a good buzz
We’re feelin’ all high
We got our hands, tangled up in a dance
We’re feelin’ alright
We got the whole night, to keep getting closer
We got tomorrow, tomorrow to hang out hungover

You got a way of owning the room
And you’ve got a glow that outshines the moon
And you got me quiet, whisperin’ in my ear
I got a song, I’ll think it up
And I got a move, you’re gonna love
And I got a place when you wanna get out of here


We keep lookin’ at the door
So what are we both waitin’ for

[Chorus x2]

You got a glass, I got a tab
You’re lookin’ good, I got it bad

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