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When It Stops Hurtin' lyrics - Del Mccoury Band

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Well I've seen broken hearts before

And I can tell by lookin’ at you

Some sweet little mama took you for a ride and left you standing on the avenue

You suddenly discovered that first time lovers

Are not all sugar and spice

Now you're sittin’ here, cryin’ the blues askin’ me my advice


Well I traveled down that road before

Brother I can sure testify

Your heart starts to achin’

And your hands go to shakin’

You just wanna lay down and die

And there's no disguise for those tear stained eyes

Well I can tell you one thing for certain

It's gonna take a little time to get her off your mind

But you'll feel a lot better

When it stops hurtin’

Listen and learn can sometimes burn

When you give into desire

And you can say I'm wrong but it won’t be long

Before you're jumping back in the fire

The line forms in the rear my friend

When you're talking ‘bout broken romances

I can sympathize, well there’s no surprise

You're just a victim of circumstances


These love sick blues might last for days

Or they could go on for years

The things she said has left your head

Droopin’ like a hound dog’s ears

Your minds confused

All your hearts been used

And you're having trouble finding the reason

You gotta hide your heart right from the start

Cause everyday is open season


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