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Top Dog lyrics - Buck McCoy

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“Top Dog” featuring Honey (the Wonder Dog)
Verse: You look so fine in that little short red dress, your good intentions
May get you in a mess there are jokers to the left of me, losers to the right,
The next guy to come over here may just start a fight looks like I’ll be putting out a forest fire
Chorus: I’m the big man on campus I am your bodyguard, I’m now runnin’ the show
Like the Boss Hog, and your big man on campus is now taking charge I am to your rescue as your…Top Dog
Verse: You could wear my jacket, you could catch a death of cold this clientele around here makes me feel a little old
There’s whistling from the corner and there’s howlin’ all around there will be some moaning if I have to take some down
I better go and put my red cape on. Repeat Chorus
Bridge: What’s gonna happen when you hit the dance floor? I’ll have to call the Army
or the National Guard. The Navy and Marines may have to fight here too
Before that I may have to go and clear this room. I’m your big man on campus
Solo/Verse 2: I’ve got you covered if you feel the need to, get a little crazy I will understand
You’ll cause a riot with the moves you make, and things could really get too out of hand
Chorus Twice: I’m your big man on campus I’m your bodyguard, I’m now runnin’ the show like the
Boss Hog and the big man on campus is now taking charge
I am to your rescue as your Top Dog

[Thanks to Larry Weir for lyrics]

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