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Can You Feel It lyrics - Scotty McCreery

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Hey girl, do you feel that temperature drop?
That time, time, goin' tick-tock
The whole world spinning then stop
Well, can you feel it?
What about the breeze that's blowin' through
Pullin' me next to you
Tellin' us what to do
Well, can you feel it?
Those stars are shinin', dancin' on your pretty skin
Baby, here we go again, whoa, oh

When, when you get close to me
Girl, you make my heart beat
Can you feel it, every time that you start leanin' in
Baby, I'm all mixed up
Talkin' 'bout that rush
From your touch
All these feelings creepin' up
7 billion people in the world
But it feels like two
And baby, I'm feelin' you
So, tell me, can you feel it, feel it
Baby, tell me can you feel it too

Hey girl, what about that cool green grass
That lake, lake, lookin' like glass
That morning comin' too fast
Can you feel it?
Hey, hey, whatcha think about that rush
Of the water when the creek comes up
Kinda chilly but it's real good stuff
Can you feel it?
Well, dip your toe, maybe your leg, maybe your whole self in
I feel us fallin', fallin', here we go again
Oh baby

(Repeat Chorus)

Can't you feel it getting late
Baby, don't you wanna stay
Up all night, maybe sleep all day
What do you say, hey

(Repeat Chorus)

[Thanks to Alexis for lyrics]

McCreery Scotty Chords

McCreery Scotty Chords
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