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Cat In The Wall lyrics - Maria McKee

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There's a cat in the wall
And I listen to him squall
In the morning when I'm stretching
Hear him choking, hear him retching

It's a shame about the noise
Because it scares away the boys
In the evening when we coo-ing
And that pussy starts purring

And the neighbours of my mom
Taking wages on the phone

Saying where'd she ever get the nerve
When will she get what she deserves
Come let's pray the lightning bolts allow

And the neighbours of my mom
Taking wages on the phone

Must've been a hefty fall
Must've built the walls around him
And it's a wonder no one's found him
But I'll never shoo him out
Cause he moves around the house

In my arteries he gets
Now he's bumping through my brain
In my veins, in my mouth
Till I scream and cough out loud

But he's just a little ghost
He's just a shade of what he was
Because, because, because, because, because
Of the rotten things he does
And the neighbours of my mom
Still don't know that cat is gone

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