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The Ballad Of Mr. Jenkins lyrics - Craig Morgan

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With skin as tough as a burlap sack he had his second heart attack last summer
But he's still goin'
There's a melancholy in his eyes, for all of you who care enough to wonder why
Let me tell you
It all started back in 1957 when ole Walt Disney took him by surprise
Thats the day Old Yeller died
Well that twelve year old became a man eleven years to soon in Vietnam
With his best friend Tommy
They were tough as nails and southern born and awfully proud to wear that uniform
Then things got scary
On April 4th, Tommy left for heaven the same year the world was taken by surprise
That's the day Martin Luther died
So before you judge him you need to know there's more to that old man
Then what you see there on that barstool with the bourbon on his hand
You heard about his younger years but don't leave now theres more to hear
That might explain the pain in that old man
How quick America forgot about the only war they'd lost and life goes on
That's what they tell ya
No ticker tape no reason why, might have never seen the end of that chapter in his life
If he hadn't met Betty
They married in December 1980, no doubt it was the best day of his life
Two days before John Lennon died
So before you judge him you need to know there's more to that old man
Than what you see there on the barstool with the bourbon in his hand
Now we've covered chapter two I can almost see a change in you
There's still alot of life in that old man
He hadn't had a drink in at least a year, to tell the truth I'm shocked he's here
But as long as he wants'em I'm gonna pour'em
Before you came in I asked him why, he raised his fragile head and wiped his eyes
Then he told me
I've seen so much in my life I've never questioned, this time the good Lord took me by surprise
Yesterday my Betty died
With skin as tough as a burlap sack he had his second heartattack last summer
But he's still goin'

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