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Coy Dogs lyrics - Carrie Newcomer

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There have been too many leavings to list in one place.
Too many arrivals to ever retrace
And all who have wandered have not fallen from grace,
Just done a few things they’d like to erase,
And met with their shadows face to face.

Up on the ridge top a coy dog cries,
It’s the mother a coyote with bright yellow eyes.
A coy dog' s half friendly the other half wild,
Half is homebody and half is streetwise,
It can't help it’s nature and but God know it tries.

Star light star bright,
All the dogs are restless tonight.
Leave on the porch light,
I'll be home after midnight.

It’s all blessed and restless and up for debate,
A season and chance to alter a fate,
But a moment can pass just because it can't wait
And time hits you hard with terrible weight,
Like a rock to the forehead stamped with "Too Late."


Our vision is often faulty.
We see but through the glass darkly.
And yet, we know deep down,
When we hear the sound,
When it speaks our name.

The moon eats is center until it dissolves,
Then conquers the shadow with single resolve.
Here’s to hoping for wholeness no matter how small,
Asking the questions that cannot be solved.
And following the ache of unnamable call.


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