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Do No Harm lyrics - Carrie Newcomer

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John Roth had a heart like flame, he believed all souls were loved the same.
He packed up his hopes and his family and moved to Ohio.
There in the deep dark wilderness, with a newborn son he soon was blessed.
Raised him up in the ways of the old prophets, and named him Isaiah Roth.

Do no harm shed no blood, the only law here is love.
We can call the kingdom down here on earth.
Beat your swords into plows, don’t be afraid I’ll show how.
Lift your eyes to the skies. All is holy here

The forest people soon came near. His message to the red children clear.
We can build the peaceable kingdom here in shadows of these trees.
They planted oats and beans and maize. They planted their hearts in the dirt of that place.
And they learned to speak of hope and grace in language of John Roth.

Chorus “

When Isaiah Roth had just turned ten, he was working in the loft again.
He looked out and saw eight white men come riding up that day.
The men shouted out from the deepening glade saying, ”Ya’ll come on out an we can trade”
The forest people walked out unafraid with smiles and open hands.

The white traders brought up their guns,
And them shot down each and every one.
And the Eden that John Roth begun,
Lay bleeding on the ground.


The world has aged by 50 years. The Quakers came and settled near.
Old Isaiah Roth still preaches here, that the greatest law is love.
Some people say it’s all a scam, just the ravings of some old man.
But Isaiah Roth says he still can, see Eden on the hill.

Do no harm,
Shed no blood,
The only law here is love.

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