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The Oakridge Boys lyrics

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The Oakridge Boys Lyrics

The Oakridge Boys Chords

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Album Lyrics: Front Porch Singin [2021]

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Oak Ridge Boys
"Front Porch Singin" [2021]

  1. Life Is Beautiful
  2. Love, Light, And Healing
  3. Old Ways
  4. Promised Land
  5. Red River Valley
  6. Life's Railway To Heaven
  7. Rock My Soul
  8. Swing Down Chariot
  9. Till I See You Again
  10. Unclouded Day
  11. When He Calls

Album Lyrics: Boys Night Out [2014]

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Oak Ridge Boys
"Boys Night Out" [2014]

  1. You're the One
  2. American Made
  3. (I'm Settin') Fancy Free
  4. Love Song
  5. Y'all Come Back Saloon
  6. Sail Away
  7. Dream On
  8. This Crazy Love
  9. Trying to Love Two Women
  10. Come on In
  11. Make My Life with You
  12. Thank God for Kids
  13. Elvira
  14. Bobbie Sue

Album Lyrics: Back Home Again [2012]

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Oak Ridge Boys
"Back Home Again" [2012]

  1. Lead Me to That Rock
  2. Back Home Again
  3. Led Out of Bondage
  4. I Get To
  5. In That Great Gettin' Up Mornin'
  6. Why Me
  7. Standing in the Need of Prayer
  8. Coat of Many Colors
  9. The Love of God
  10. River of Jordan
  11. If We Ever Needed the Lord Before We Sure Do Need Him Now
  12. Heaven Bound

Album Lyrics: It's Only Natural [2011]

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Oak Ridge Boys
"It's Only Natural" [2011]

  1. What'cha Gonna Do?
  2. True Heart
  3. Before I Die
  4. Gonna Take a Lot of River
  5. No Matter How High
  6. The Shade
  7. Elvira
  8. Louisiana Red Dirt Highway
  9. Beyond Those Years
  10. Wish You Could Have Been There
  11. Lucky Moon
  12. Sacrifice... for Me

Album Lyrics: Icon [2010]

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Oak Ridge Boys
"Icon" [2010]

  1. Y'all Come Back Saloon
  2. I'll Be True to You
  3. Leaving Louisiana in the Broad Daylight
  4. Trying to Love Two Women
  5. Elvira
  6. I'm Settin' / Fancy Free
  7. Bobbie Sue
  8. American Made
  9. Love Song
  10. I Guess It Never Hurts to Hurt Sometimes
  11. Everyday
  12. Touch a Hand, Make a Friend

Album Lyrics: The Boys Are Back [2009]

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Oak Ridge Boys
"The Boys Are Back" [2009]

  1. The Boys Are Back
  2. Hold Me Closely
  3. Hold You In My Arms
  4. Seven Nation Army
  5. Mama's Table
  6. Boom, Boom
  7. You Ain't Gonna Blow My House Down
  8. Beautiful Bluebird
  9. God's Gonna Ease My Troublin' Mind
  10. Live With Jesus

Album Lyrics: Common Thread [2005]

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Oak Ridge Boys
"Common Thread" [2005]

  1. Amazing Grace
  2. God Will Take Care Of You
  3. How Great Thou Art
  4. Jesus Is Coming Soon
  5. This Little Light of Mine
  6. I Saw The Light
  7. Journey
  8. You Don't Have To Go Home (But You Can't Stay Here)
  9. You Can't Fix It
  10. Keep Our World Safe
  11. I Know
  12. He Did It All For Me

Album Lyrics: The Journey [2004]

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Oak Ridge Boys
"The Journey" [2004]

  1. Train, Train
  2. Someplace Green
  3. Bad Case of Missing You
  4. Saving Grace
  5. You Don't Have to Go Home (But You Can't Stay Here)
  6. Old Familiar Love
  7. Goin' Against the Grain
  8. I Love You So Much It Hurts
  9. My Girl Friday
  10. That Ole Gravel Road Was Easy Street
  11. Journey

Album Lyrics: Best of Oak Ridge Boys-Millenn [2000]

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Oak Ridge Boys
"Best of Oak Ridge Boys-Millenn" [2000]

  1. Leaving Louisiana in the Broad Daylight
  2. I'll Be True to You
  3. Dream On
  4. Trying to Love Two Women
  5. Elvira
  6. Fancy Free
  7. Bobbie Sue
  8. I Wish You Could Have Turned My Head
  9. American Made
  10. I Guess It Never Hurts to Hurt Sometimes
  11. Make My Life With You
  12. It Takes a Little Rain

Album Lyrics: Other Songs []

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Oak Ridge Boys
"Other Songs" []

  1. Little Things
  2. Love Song
  3. No Matter How High
  4. Ozark mountain Jubilee
  5. Sail Away
  6. Soul And Inspiration
  7. The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor
  8. Come On In
  9. Barbara Sue

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